Sometimes things don’t go as planned

I always dreamt of eating a lobster roll on the coast of Maine. I never dreamed of taking a picture that would go viral!

Little did I know seagulls love lobster, too.

Leaving a work conference in Vermont, I realized how close I was to Maine. With a few hours to spare, I booked a rental car and drove through New England to York, Maine. I stopped at the picturesque Nubble Light House and spotted a restaurant adjacent where I could order a lobster roll to-go.

I paid the cashier $21.50 and happily crossed back through the parking lot to enjoy the decadent treat with the light house in view.

A true Millennial, I realized I was in the midst of the perfect Instagram moment. So I pulled out my iPhone and maneuvered the lobster roll into perfect position.

The problem was, as I was busy gearing up for what would become the greatest photograph I have ever taken, my lobster roll was being eyed as prey by local fowl.

As I hit the capture button on my iPhone, something rattled my hand and startled me. I saw my lobster flying out of the roll and identified the culprit: A quick, feisty, fearless seagull who not only encroached my space, but so rapidly tossed the prized lobster meat out of the roll for his friends to chow down on that it was apparent he’d done this before.

All I could do was laugh. It truly was the perfect moment packed with two great lessons:

1. The best laid plans are meant to be broken. Driving to Maine, I honestly envisioned what the moment would be like when I got my hands on my first lobster roll. I was so excited for what I felt would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I got more than I bargained for in that regard, but I didn’t plan on spending $43 for two lobster rolls.

2. What the world needs now is a good laugh. Leaving the parking lot, I sent a quick tweet about my experience. I figured a few people would get a chuckle. I had no idea it would go viral, be picked up by news outlets and be shared by people of all backgrounds and beliefs. Laughter remains the best medicine.

I hope my accidental photograph brings you a smile.

Please note that the photograph is copyrighted. Please use the contact link and reach out if you would like to use it. I’m happy to discuss my experience and licensing options.

Here’s to holding on tighter next time and more spontaneous adventures.

Alicia Jessop